Outlook Calendar Agenda Gadget

The app allows to embed calendars from Outlook Calendar into Jira dashboards.

'Outlook Calendar Agenda' gadget

If you are not yet familiar with Jira dashboard gadgets please look through the official documentation first.

How to add gadget

  1. Open a dashboard where you want to add a new Outlook Calendar Agenda gadget.
  2. Find a “Outlook Calendar Agenda” gadget, click on “Add gadget” and close the dialog. If you can’t find the gadget in the list, click on “Load all gadgets” link in the header.
  3. Click on “Configure gadget” button, and you will see the configuration dialog.
  4. If you are using the app for the first time, you will need to authorize before configuration.
  5. After you provide access to Outlook Calendar you will see the full content of the configuration editor.
  6. Select desired calendar and period and then click “Save”.
  7. Now the gadget is configured and ready to use!

Getting support

You can always get in touch with Bilith via support@bilith.com.